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Mohit Gambir

Mohit Gambir – Managing Director, Oxford International Education Services

Mohit, having successfully completed an MBA at Middlesex University London and worked in the UK within the realm of finance, returned back to India in 2004 and commenced his journey through a bespoke family owned business, offering tailor made solutions to universities to help drive growth and expand their international footprint through efficiencies in process, agent management, student support, conversion campaigns and brand development. An educationalist and entrepreneur with over eighteen years of experience in assisting international institutions with turnkey solutions in recruitment, agent management and back office operations. Based upon his vast understanding of the domestic higher education market as a student recruiter and educationalist he has plugged several gaps in the market which he firmly believed were with-holding the progress of otherwise able higher education aspirants.

A number of institutes have gained their footprint in the market with Mohit at the reigns and most recently, he has been instrumental in creating a brand reputation and market presence for a number of UK partner institutions. Mohit has since evolved to managing a team of over 200 employees through a sophisticated operation in Mumbai. He joined Oxford International in 2018 and in December 2021 was formally appointed Managing Director of the Oxford International Education Services division upon the acquisition of his business. Mohit and his well reputed team are currently thriving in the international education sector bringing a broad range of expertise and experience with a holistic view on the international educational landscape.

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