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The Oxford International North American Pathway Program is a springboard for students to study at colleges and universities in Canada and the USA.

The programs prepare students for post-secondary study and are customised to the needs of each individual learner and their education goals.

Students can choose from over 45 partner colleges and universities in North America where they can select a direct study pathway to the institution. Many of the partner institutions recognise the Pathway Program levels, often eliminating the need for a student to have an entry exam such as IELTS, TOIEC and TOEFL.

Quick facts about North America Pathways:

  • Over 45 partner colleges and universities across North America
  • Courses are customised to the individual needs of the student
  • Dedicated Pathway Director to support students with choosing the right college or university and guidance through the enrolment process
  • Most partners offer a conditional letter of acceptance to students

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North American Pathway Program

250 - 815 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V6C 1B4


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