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Neil Fitzroy

Neil Fitzroy stood in front of a mirror
Neil Fitzroy – Managing Director, Australasia

“I’m delighted to be leading Oxford International’s expansion into Australasia, a region rich in academic excellence. After the challenges of COVID combined with the changing source country mix, universities in the region are actively pursuing opportunities to solidify their presence globally, adopting new operating models to rebuilding better. As such, strategic partnerships are increasing in importance.’’

Neil graduated from the University of Exeter with a law degree. He has over 20 years of experience in international education and 15+ years of senior leadership experience within the sector, across public & private sectors, UK, Australia and Nigeria.

In the past, Neil has held senior roles with Navitas, the University of Sunderland, Coventry University and HiPact.

Beyond his leadership roles, Neil is a respected thought leader, frequently contributing to conferences as well as public and private dialogue with an interest in harnessing technology, using data intelligently and developing appropriate policy.

Neil’s role is indispensable for delivering products & services to regional partners which help unlock international education opportunities for students and universities.


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